Livestock Feeders' Day, 1965

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Livestock Feeders' Day, 1965


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  • Menzies, C.S.; Ahlschwede, G.; Wheat, J.D.; Mackintosh, D.L.; Kropf, Donald H. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-04-28)
    Data was collected on 91 lambs of known breeding born during the fall, 1963. The lambs were from ewes in the original fine-wool flock and were sired by 10 performance-tested Hampshire rams. This was the ewes fifth lamb crop.
  • Menzies, C.S.; Erhart, A.B. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-04-28)
    Delivery of 601 finewool. Wether feeder lambs was accepted at Menard, Texas, October 8, 1964. Average weight was 68.9 pounds; cost, $19.25 per cwt. Lambs were shorn (average fleece weight, 3.2 lbs.) and shipped 543 miles ...
  • Jensen, A.H.; Koch, B.A.; Deyoe, C.W. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-04-28)
    Previous reports from the Kansas Station have shown that method of processing grains and rations may affect acceptance by the animal and efficiency of utilization. The experiment reported here was designed to evaluate the ...
  • Menzies, C.S.; Banbury, Evans E.; Elliott, H. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-04-28)
    The ewe flock is handled in an early-lambing program with the breeding season beginning June 1 and terminating September 1. Lams are creep-fed and sold as milk-fat lambs during spring and early summer. Three separate ...
  • Jensen, A.H.; Koch, B.A. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-04-28)
    The value of a feed protein is determined by its content of available essential amino acids. For example, in relation to the pigs’ needs, corn and milo proteins are definitely deficient in the amino acid lysine. Selection ...

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