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  • Together 
    Sellers, Debra M. (2008-05-09)
    This creative work consists of a photograph and accompanying poem through which the reader is encouraged to examine stereotypes of death and to creatively explore beliefs concerning love and spirituality. Although cemeteries ...
  • Murray, John P.; Murray, Ann D. (Elsevier/Academic Press, 2008-07-10)
    The use of television and other media—such as video, computer programs, and CD material—in infancy and early childhood can have both positive and negative influences on the intellectual and social development of young ...
  • Garcia, Jane Mertz; Chambers, Edgar, IV; Matta, Ziad; Clark, Megan (2008-05-27)
    This study reports the viscosity (thickness) of nectar- and honey-thick liquids measured at a typical serving temperature. Centipoise (cP) measurements were compared for three products (two starch and one gum-based thickener) ...
  • Murray, John P. (2008-05-13)
    Fifty years of research on the effect of TV violence on children leads to the inescapable conclusion that viewing media violence is related to increases in aggressive attitudes, values, and behaviors. The changes in ...
  • Stith, Sandra M.; Green, Narika M.; Smith, Douglas B.; Ward, David B. (2010-01-05)
    A meta-analysis investigating the relationship between marital satisfaction and intimate partner violence (IPV) was conducted with 32 articles. Overall, a small-to-moderate effect size (r = -.27) indicated a significant ...
  • Baker, Colleen R.; Stith, Sandra M. (2010-01-07)
    This study examined the importance of witnessing parental violence, experiencing childhood violence, problems with alcohol, length of relationship, relationship satisfaction, anger management skills, and partner’s use of ...
  • Goff, Briana S. Nelson; Schwerdtfeger, K.L. (2008-03-27)
    Recent emphasis on the ethical conduct of researchers has resulted in a growing body of literature exploring the impact of trauma-focused research on participants. To date, pregnant women have not been widely included in ...
  • McCollum, Eric E.; Stith, Sandra M. (2010-01-05)
    Conjoint couple treatment for Interpersonal Partner Violence (IPV) remains controversial despite a growing body of research and practice experience indicating that it can be effective and safe. In addition, developing ...
  • Sellers, Debra M. (2008-05-09)
    A willingness to explore the global stage can improve and embellish extension program development, implementation, and evaluation methods. Understanding various models of aging from around the world builds capacity and ...

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