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  • Orthel, Bryan D.; Day, Julia K.
    Designers’ internal thought processes can be externally expressed and represented through sketching and other forms of communication. Novice designers often struggle to communicate their ideas. This article reports an ...
  • Kaup, Migette L. (2010-08-31)
    As an institutional type, nursing homes can be most closely linked to the hospitals created during the Industrial era of our nation’s history, and have adopted similar approaches to providing clinical care. While often ...
  • Kaup, Migette L. (2011-02-10)
    This article explores how public/private contradictions can be enacted in the space of the nursing home through the use of architectural features that signal transition and passage, most specifically the door. To explore ...
  • Kozar, Joy M.; Hiller Connell, Kim Y. (2011-04-04)
    Utilizing a sample of undergraduate students and survey research methods, this study examined knowledge on issues of social responsibility within the apparel and textiles industry, comparing the sophistication among upper- ...
  • Hiller Connell, Kim Y.; Kozar, Joy M. (International Textile and Apparel Association, Inc., 2011-03-10)
    A study by Kim and Damhorst (1998) found that, despite holding attitudes of environmental concern, only a limited degree of socially responsible apparel consumption behaviors were present among apparel consumers. The ...
  • Haar, Sherry J. (2011-10-13)
    Heat-setting of synthetic fabrics is an industrial stabilization process that has been adapted by designers to create dimensional textures through shaped-resists and non-industrial heat-setting methods. The article overviews ...
  • Hiller Connell, Kim Y.; Kozar, Joy M. (2012-10-01)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze changes in undergraduate student knowledge of issues of sustainability relevant to the apparel and textiles industry. Assessment occurred prior to and upon completion of a ...
  • Hawley, Jana M. (Woodhead Publishing Limited, UK, 2008-04-07)
    The juxtaposition of a throw-away society with the realization that natural resources are threatened is a vivid illustration of the perplexing problem of contemporary lifestyle. As we consider the case of textile and apparel ...
  • LeHew, Melody L. A.; Wesley, Scarlett C. (2008-09-16)
    This article assesses whether tourist shopper segments are an attractive market for shopping centers. The purpose of this research is to explore whether or not tourist shoppers are more satisfied than resident shoppers ...

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