Post-tensioned ribbed mat foundations on highly expansive soils

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dc.description.abstract Highly expansive soils can severely damage the foundations which they support. These damages create unnecessary maintenance cost to the owner and can be detrimental to the building superstructure. Post-tensioned ribbed mat foundations are commonly used in light commercial construction in areas in the United States that have highly expansive soils. Mild reinforced ribbed mat foundations are rarely used in these areas. This report investigates why post-tensioned ribbed mat foundations are more common in these areas than mild-reinforced ribbed mat foundations. The approach to this investigation is a design example which designs and compares the two foundation types. The design example is a typical 2-story office building located in Dallas, Texas, which is an area that has highly expansive soils. First, a post-tensioned ribbed mat foundation is designed for the office building. Next, a mild-reinforced ribbed mat foundation is designed for the same building. A comparison is done between the two foundations based on serviceability, strength requirements and construction costs. The findings in the comparison is that post-tensioning is a more economical and constructible method. Using mild-reinforcement requires the use of shear reinforcement in the ribs which is not typical in foundation design and construction and is less economical, and additional reinforcement in the slab is needed to resist bending stresses which is also less economical. The finding of the report is that of the two foundation types, the post-tensioned ribbed mat foundation is the better design based on the three areas of interest listed above. The use of a mild-reinforced mat foundation would require construction procedures that are not typical and would be less economical. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Kansas State University en
dc.subject Post-Tensioning en
dc.subject Mat Foundations en
dc.subject Expansive Soils en
dc.title Post-tensioned ribbed mat foundations on highly expansive soils en
dc.type Report en Master of Science en
dc.description.level Masters en
dc.description.department Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science en
dc.description.advisor Darren D. Reynolds en
dc.subject.umi Engineering, Civil (0543) en 2007 en December en

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