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LARCP Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity: Recent submissions

  • Kingery-Page, Katie; Glastetter, Abigail; DeOrsey, Danielle; Falcone, Jessica M. (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture., )
    In landscape architecture practice, participatory design approaches emphasize community workshops and charrettes. But marginalized voices are often suppressed during group meetings, if those at the margins are invited at ...
  • Kim, Hyung Jin; Heinrich, Katie M.
    A growing body of evidence supports the association between the built environment and children walking to school (WTS), but few studies have compared WTS behaviors in cities of different sizes. This case-comparison study ...
  • Keane, Timothy D.; Kim, Jae Hong; Bernard, Eric (2015-02-06)
    The Political Fragmentation Indicator Database is an outcome of the NSF CNH-Ex #1114931: Political Fragmentation in Local Governance and Water Resource Management project. The database contains a range of metrics that ...
  • Gibson, Huston J. (2014-12-03)
    This manuscript explores the notion of the middle. Whether discussing birth order, cars, housing, or schools, first and last seems to overshadow the middle. In particular, when investigating K-12 public schools and their ...
  • Kingery-Page, Katie; Melvin, Rebecca J. (2014-08-20)
    The contemporary American schoolyard remains an under-utilized opportunity for experiential learning. Contemporary public schoolyards are often designed in response to perceptions of liability and a limited interpretation ...

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