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  • Aranha Gamarra, Caio (2020-05-01)
    Poor transition from late gestation to early lactation influences postpartum performance of lactating dairy cows. Considering that increased vaginal temperature (VT) before calving is associated with reduced postpartum ...
  • Olagaray, Katie E. (Kansas State University, 2017-05-01)
    Dairy cows undergo many homeorhetic adaptations during the transition to lactation. Although many of the physiological processes - including increased lipolysis and postpartum inflammation - are adaptive, exaggerated ...
  • Voelz, Benjamin (Kansas State University, 2017-08-01)
    Reproduction is an important part of a dairy operation that directly affects milk production and profitability. Fertility of high-producing dairy cows is less than desired. Reproductive efficiency is further impaired during ...
  • Alves Scanavez, Alexandre Lelandy (2019-12-01)
    Heat stress poses major challenges to the dairy industry, disrupting the well-being and productivity of cows. Besides affecting lactating cows, exposure to heat stress during the dry period increases core body temperature ...
  • Yuan, Kai (Kansas State University, 2014-04-07)
    The transition period in dairy cows is characterized by dramatic increases in nutrient requirements for lactation and substantial metabolic stress. The disturbed metabolic balance, coupled with suppressed immune function, ...
  • Sauls-Hiesterman, Julie Ann (2019-05-01)
    Four experiments were conducted to assess nutritional and hormonal strategies to improve fertility in lactating dairy cows. In experiment 1, metabolites (-4, -2, +1, +2, +5, and +7 wk) and steroid hormones in ovarian ...

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