Bacteria of cooked meat

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dc.description Citation: Dunlap, Olive B. Bacteria of cooked meat. Senior thesis, Kansas State Agricultural College, 1905.
dc.description.abstract Introduction: It has come to be known as a universal fact that bacteria are present and can live, thrive and grow in almost any climate in which man and animals can live except in the far north. When conditions become unfavorable for their growth they form spores which resist the action of heat and cold to a far greater extent than do bacteria. Bacteria are not found in the blood of the normal healthy animal but how many of our domestic, animals are found to be perfectly sound and healthy. Out of almost every herd of cattle there will be found some animals which are diseased. I mention cattle not because they are the only animals which are subject to the infection of path - genic bacteria, for they are not, all animals are more or less subject to their action, but because cattle are such a universal source of seat for food. It is on account of the fact that people are thrown so at the mercy of ignorant and sometimes even dishonest butchers that they (the people) should be extremely careful from wham they purchase meat d also in the preparation, of the meat for the table. Most people think that by going through a process which is termed cooking bacteria will be killed. But in a majority of cases the meat is not thoroughly cooked and the organisms are not destroyed. Animals may become infected either by inhalation of contaminated air or by ingestion of any fluid or solid containing pathogenic bacteria. A great many people have the mistaken idea that anything which an animal will eat is good enough for them, and consequently all of the kitchen refuse is thrown into a common receptacle and often allowed to collect there for a day or two when it is taken and fed to the animals.
dc.rights Public Domain Mark 1.0
dc.subject Diseases of Animals
dc.subject Tuberculosis
dc.subject Anthroax
dc.subject Hog Cholera
dc.title Bacteria of cooked meat
dc.type Text 1905
dc.subject.AAT Theses

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