Increased arterial stiffness and reduced cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity with anti cancer chemotherapy.

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Show simple item record Frye, Jacob Nathaniel 2017-08-11T15:33:33Z 2017-08-11T15:33:33Z 2017-08-01 en_US
dc.description.abstract Background – Chemotherapy-induced left ventricular cardiotoxicity is associated with many cancer treatments; however, what is less known is how these treatments affect vascular health and autonomic control of blood pressure. Arterial stiffness and cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) are indicators of cardiovascular health and may provide insight into the adverse effects of anti-cancer chemotherapy. Therefore, the primary aims of the present study were to evaluate carotid artery stiffness and arterial BRS in cancer patients currently being treated with adjuvant chemotherapy. Methods – We performed a cross-sectional, case-control study involving 9 cancer patients and 9 age- and sex-matched controls. Carotid artery stiffness was assess via 2D ultrasonography. Cardiovagal BRS was assessed from the spontaneous changes in beat-to-beat time series of R-R interval and systolic blood pressure via the cross correlation technique. Results – Our findings indicated a significant decrease in cardiovagal BRS in cancer patients compared to controls (4.7 ± 0.6 vs 9.2 ± 1.7 msec mmHg⁻¹ respectively, P = 0.02). Carotid artery β-Stiffness was significantly higher in the cancer patients compared to control participants (9.2 ± 1.2 vs 6.6 ± 0.74 U respectively, P = 0.05). Conclusions – These data suggest that anti-cancer chemotherapy elicits significant decreases in the autonomic control of blood pressure and arterial stiffness, leaving cancer survivors with an increased risk of future cardiovascular disease. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Kansas State University en
dc.subject Cancer en_US
dc.subject Chemotherapy en_US
dc.subject Baroreflex en_US
dc.subject Arterial stiffness en_US
dc.title Increased arterial stiffness and reduced cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity with anti cancer chemotherapy. en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US Master of Science en_US
dc.description.level Masters en_US
dc.description.department Department of Kinesiology en_US
dc.description.advisor Carl Ade en_US 2017 en_US August en_US

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