Effects of packaging atmospheres and injection enhancement on beef postmortem proteolysis, instrumental tenderness, sensory traits, and display color

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dc.contributor.author Grobbel, Jeannine Patricia
dc.date.accessioned 2007-08-01T15:14:57Z
dc.date.available 2007-08-01T15:14:57Z
dc.date.issued 2007-08-01T15:14:57Z
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/2097/361
dc.description.abstract The objectives were to determine the effects of packaging and injection-enhancement on beef sensory attributes, postmortem proteolysis, and color. Muscles from USDA Select, A-maturity carcasses were fabricated into 2.54-cm steaks on d 7 postmortem. In Experiment 1, longissimus lumborum (n=14 pairs) muscles were used. Packaging treatments were: vacuum packaging (VP); 80% O2/20% CO2 (HiO2); 0.4% CO/35% CO2/64.6%N2 (ULO2CO); 0.4% CO/99.6% CO2; 0.4% CO/99.6% N2; or 0.4% CO/99.6% Ar. In Experiment 2, longissimus lumborum (n=12 pairs); semitendinosus (n=12 pairs); and triceps brachii (n=24 pairs) muscles from one carcass side were injection-enhanced or non-enhanced. Steaks were packaged into VP, HiO2, or ULO2CO MAP. Steaks packaged in HiO2 MAP were in dark storage (2°C) for 4 d and all other steaks for 14 d. Steaks were displayed under fluorescent lighting for 7 d. Trained color panelists assigned color scores. Steaks for tenderness, cooked color, and sensory were cooked to 70°C. Steaks packaged in VP or ULO2 with CO MAP had little or no discoloration. Steaks packaged in HiO2 MAP discolored faster (P < 0.05) and more (P < 0.05) than steaks in other packaging treatments. Steaks packaged in HiO2 MAP were less tender (P < 0.05) than other treatments at the end of display, but had 10 d less aging due to shorter dark storage. Steaks packaged in HiO2 had the lowest (P < 0.05) a* values for internal cooked color of all treatments and exhibited premature browning. Enhanced steaks were more tender (P < 0.05) than non-enhanced steaks. Sensory panelists found that non-enhanced steaks packaged in ULO2CO MAP or VP were more tender (P < 0.05), had more (P < 0.05) beef flavor, and had less (P < 0.05) off-flavors than steaks packaged in HiO2 MAP. Off-flavors for steaks packaged in HiO2 MAP often were described as oxidative and rancid. Enhanced steaks had more (P < 0.05) off-flavors than non-enhanced steaks. Postmortem proteolysis measured by desmin degradation was not affected (P > 0.05) by packaging. Steaks packaged in ULO2 plus CO MAP had superior color stability, tenderness, and sensory attributes compared to steaks in HiO2 MAP. en
dc.description.sponsorship This project was funded, by beef and veal producers and importers through their $1-per-head checkoff and was produced for the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and state beef councils by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Kansas Beef Council. en
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Kansas State University en
dc.subject Beef en
dc.subject Modified Atmosphere Packaging en
dc.subject Color en
dc.subject Sensory Traits en
dc.subject Postmortem Proteolysis en
dc.subject Injection Enhancement en
dc.title Effects of packaging atmospheres and injection enhancement on beef postmortem proteolysis, instrumental tenderness, sensory traits, and display color en
dc.type Dissertation en
dc.description.degree Doctor of Philosophy en
dc.description.level Doctoral en
dc.description.department Department of Animal Sciences and Industry en
dc.description.advisor Michael E. Dikeman en
dc.subject.umi Agriculture, Food Science and Technology (0359) en
dc.date.published 2007 en
dc.date.graduationmonth August en

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