Single-shot diffraction data from the Mimivirus particle using an X-ray free-electron laser

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Show simple item record Ekeberg, T. Svenda, M. Seibert, M. M. Abergel, C. Maia, F. R. N. C. Seltzer, V. DePonte, D. P. Aquila, A. Andreasson, J. Iwan, B. Jonsson, O. Westphal, D. Odic, D. Andersson, I. Barty, A. Liang, M. Martin, A. V. Gumprecht, L. Fleckenstein, H. Bajt, S. Barthelmess, M. Coppola, N. Claverie, J. M. Loh, N. D. Bostedt, C. Bozek, J. D. Krzywinski, J. Messerschmidt, M. Bogan, M. J. Hampton, C. Y. Sierra, R. G. Frank, M. Shoeman, R. L. Lomb, L. Foucar, L. Epp, S. W. Rolles, Daniel Rudenko, Artem Hartmann, R. Hartmann, A. Kimmel, N. Holl, P. Weidenspointner, G. Rudek, B. Erk, B. Kassemeyer, S. Schlichting, I. Struder, L. Ullrich, J. Schmidt, C. Krasniqi, F. Hauser, G. Reich, C. Soltau, H. Schorb, S. Hirsemann, H. Wunderer, C. Graafsma, H. Chapman, H. Hajdu, J. 2017-04-10T20:00:09Z 2017-04-10T20:00:09Z
dc.description Citation: Ekeberg, T., Svenda, M., Seibert, M. M., Abergel, C., Maia, F. R. N. C., Seltzer, V., . . . Hajdu, J. (2016). Single-shot diffraction data from the Mimivirus particle using an X-ray free-electron laser. Scientific Data, 3. doi:10.1038/sdata.2016.60
dc.description.abstract Free-electron lasers (FEL) hold the potential to revolutionize structural biology by producing X-ray pules short enough to outrun radiation damage, thus allowing imaging of biological samples without the limitation from radiation damage. Thus, a major part of the scientific case for the first FELs was three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of non-crystalline biological objects. In a recent publication we demonstrated the first 3D reconstruction of a biological object from an X-ray FEL using this technique. The sample was the giant Mimivirus, which is one of the largest known viruses with a diameter of 450 nm. Here we present the dataset used for this successful reconstruction. Data-analysis methods for single-particle imaging at FELs are undergoing heavy development but data collection relies on very limited time available through a highly competitive proposal process. This dataset provides experimental data to the entire community and could boost algorithm development and provide a benchmark dataset for new algorithms.
dc.rights Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
dc.title Single-shot diffraction data from the Mimivirus particle using an X-ray free-electron laser
dc.type Article 2016
dc.citation.doi 10.1038/sdata.2016.60
dc.citation.issn 2052-4463
dc.citation.jtitle Scientific Data
dc.citation.volume 3
dc.contributor.authoreid rolles
dc.contributor.authoreid rudenko
dc.contributor.kstate Rolles, Daniel
dc.contributor.kstate Rudenko, Artem

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Except where otherwise noted, the use of this item is bound by the following: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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