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K-State 48-Hour Film Festival


As the name implies you and a small group of friends have just 48 hours to create an original story (2-6 minutes in length) of any genre. The film could be about anything, but must include three creative elements. 48 hours later you return your film to be judged and prepped for the film festival exhibition and awards ceremony. All films will judged by professional filmmakers throughout the Midwest, and prizes will be awarded in several categories including the Audience Choice Award.

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  • Long, Nathan; Hush, Shannon; Hergott, Ryan; Nguyen, Vy
    Credits: Story-Nathan Long, Shannon Hush, Ryan Hergott. Director-Nathan Long. Cinematography-Nathan Long, Vy Nguyen. Post Production-Shannon Hush, Nathan Long, Ryan Hergott, Vy Nguyen. Cast- Ryan Hergott, Nathan Howe. ...
  • Sarvis, Abby; Hagen, Kate K.; Long, Jessi; Reeder, Caroline; Irwin, Rey
    Cast: Charile King Hagen, Kate King Hagen, Abby Sarvis, Caroline Reeder, Jessi Long
  • Dunlap, Ariana; Stenzel, Carlie; Rogers, Matthew; Nyhart, Rachel; Butler, Christopher; Lynch, Bridget
    Credits: Kay and Roger Shanks, Ariana Dunlap, Carlie Stenzel, Matthew Rogers, Rachel Nyhart, Christopher Butler, Bridget Lynch.
  • Bluffing 
    German, Harold D.; Akers, Tana; Amarilla, Santiago; Radabaugh, Zach; Weers, Clarissa; Woofter, Jay; Worley, Blaine
    Credits: Director-Harold Dakota German. Cast-Tana Akers, Santiago Amarilla, Zach Radabaugh, Clarissa Weers, Jay Woofter, Blaine Worley. Music-“Birthday Cake” by Jahazzar, “The Great Avenger” by Silent Partner.
  • Craig, Karly; Patterson, Nick; Copeland, James; Curtis, Katherine; Mills, Kenia
    Credits: Director-Karly Craig. Producers-Nick Patterson, James Copeland. Director of Photography-Nick Patterson. Writers-James Copeland, Karly Craig, Katherine Curtis, Kenia Mills, Nick Patterson. Editing- James Copeland, ...

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