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  • Iacovetti, Victoria; Marshall, Jeremy L. (2017-12-7)
    Sleep deprivation is very common among college students, hitting 73% with sleep problems, according to “Regents of the University of Michigan.” To study the causes of sleep deprivation, I surveyed fifty students at Kansas ...
  • Stewart, Nathan; Marshall, Jeremy
    This research project was set up to determine the suitability of two extreme diets. Since this experiment only used basic extremes, some of the data were already known, or assumed, such as that a flour beetle can survive ...
  • Dostal, Elyse; Enders, Laramy; Smith, C. Michael
    Damage from aphids to wheat plants is noticeable from a distance and can result in water stress, reduced plant growth and wilting. Different aphids are said to cause different colorations when damaging the plants. The ...
  • Pfannenstiel, Luke; Phillips, Thomas W.
    Insects are known to be able to see different wavelengths of lights than humans can see. Because of this, there has been a lot of research done into using light to prevent damage caused by storedproduct pests. Common pests ...
  • Alexander, Lindsey; Marshall, Jeremy L. (2017-12-7)
    The Tribolium castaneum genome sequence contains a large number of odorant receptor (Or) genes when compared to the olfactory genomes of other insects (Engsontia et al., 2007). Evolved populations of the red flour beetle ...
  • Bordewick, Megan; Marshall, Jeremy L. (2017-12-7)
    When we look at zoo animals, we only see them for a couple of minutes at most. We do not see how active they really are, nor do we get a good representation of their behavior (Szokalski et al 2012; Allen et al. 2015). Cats ...
  • Mueting, Megan; Marshall, Jeremy L. (2017-12-7)
    I wanted to do a study on how people learn best because I think it’s important for instruction to be effective for productive learning. A lot of professors or future teachers need to know what style of class will work best ...

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