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Entomology Students' Papers and Presentations


This collection contains undergraduate research papers, presentations and projects by students in the Department of Entomology. The represented works reflect reviewed quality research in the field of Entomology.

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  • Fergurson, Anna; Maldonado-Ruiz, Paulina; Zurek, Ludek (2017-12-7)
    Ticks are obligate blood feeding ectoparasites and vectors of several animal and human pathogens (Williams-Newkirk et al., 2014). Ticks not only carry pathogens but also a bacterial community with commensal and symbiotic ...
  • Heinitz, Brandon; Zukoff, Sarah (2017-12-7)
    Sugarcane aphids (SCA) can have a severe impact on Kansas sorghum grain yields due to their high reproductive capacity and the copious amounts of honey dew they produce. There are many predatory species in Kansas that feed ...
  • Fleming, Zachary; Motolai, Gergely; Chen, Ming (2017-12-7)
    Hessian flys have caused a large amount of damage to Kansas winter wheat for over 130 years.(R. Je_ Whitworth et. al. 2009). Once wheat is parasitized the larva move from the leaves to the collar of the wheat stock where ...
  • Beals, Brendan; Haman, Colter; Park, Yoonseong (2017-12-7)
    Although some ticks are known to stick to a host for the entirety of their life, some are known to drop off of their host after feeding to take time to molt. Of those who drop off of their host, some have been observed to ...
  • Haman, Colter; Beals, Brendan; Park, Yoonseong (2017-12-7)
    Survival of questing ticks in the filed depends on uptaking water from environment. With there being little known about the amount of water that ticks consume, we were interested in whether drinking water is a common ...

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