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  • De, S.; Bocharova, I. A.; Magrakvelidze, Maia; Ray, D.; Cao, W.; Bergues, B.; Thumm, Uwe P. E.; Kling, Matthias F.; Litvinyuk, I. V.; Cocke, Charles L. (2013-05-31)
    We have tracked nuclear wave-packet dynamics in doubly charged states of molecular oxygen using few-cycle infrared laser pulses. Bound and dissociating wave packets were launched and subsequently probed via a pair of 8-fs ...
  • Fischer, Bettina; Kremer, Manuel; Pfeifer, Thomas; Feuerstein, Bernold; Sharma, Vandana; Thumm, Uwe P. E.; Schröter, Claus Dieter; Moshammer, Robert; Ullrich, Joachim (2010-11-22)
    By combining carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stable light fields and the traditional method of optical pump-probe spectroscopy we study electron localization in dissociating H[subscript 2][superscript +] molecular ions. ...
  • Chen, Shouyuan; Chini, Michael; Wang, He; Yun, Chenxia; Mashiko, Hiroki; Wu, Yi; Chang, Zenghu (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010-07-21)
    Carrier-envelope phase stabilization of a two-stage chirped pulse amplifier laser system with regenerative amplification as the preamplifier is demonstrated with a 90 mrad rms error for a locking period of 4.5 h.
  • McBride, Dyan L.; Zollman, Dean A.; Rebello, N. Sanjay (2010-07-08)
    In prior research, the classification of concepts into three types—descriptive, hypothetical and theoretical—has allowed for the association of students’ use of different concept types with their level of understanding. ...
  • Wu, Yi; Gilbertson, Steve; Khan, Sabih; Chini, Michael; Zhao, Kun; Feng, Ximao; Chang, Zenghu (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010-05-16)
    Using a generalized version of double optical gating, we produced single isolated attosecond pulses with 2 mJ, 25 fs driving lasers. Through attosecond streaking, we characterized isolated 160 attosecond pulses with 170 ...
  • Hrepic, Zdeslav; Zollman, Dean A.; Rebello, N. Sanjay (2012-10-04)
    We investigated introductory physics students’ mental models of sound propagation. We used a phenomenographic method to analyze the data in the study. In addition to the scientifically accepted Wave model, students used ...
  • Zhang, Chang-Hua; Thumm, Uwe P. E. (2010-10-06)
    Photoionization by attosecond extreme ultraviolet (xuv) pulses into the laser-dressed continuum of the ionized atom is commonly described in strong-field approximation, neglecting the Coulomb interaction between the emitted ...
  • Jones, Andrew M.; Nampoothiri, A. V. Vasudevan; Ratanavis, Amarin; Kadel, Rajesh; Wheeler, Natalie V.; Couny, Francois; Benabid, Fetah; Rudolph, Wolfgang; Washburn, Brian R.; Corwin, Kristan L. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010-05-16)
    Lasing from population inversion is demonstrated from gas contained in a hollow-core kagome structured photonic crystal fiber. Laser pulses in the mid-IR (3.1-3.2 μm) were generated by optically pumping at λ ~ 1.5 μm.
  • Wang, He; Chini, Michael; Chen, Shouyuan; Zhang, Chang-Hua; He, Feng; Cheng, Yan; Wu, Yi; Thumm, Uwe P. E.; Chang, Zenghu (2010-10-01)
    Autoionization of argon atoms was studied experimentally by transient absorption spectroscopy with isolated attosecond pulses. The peak position, intensity, linewidth, and shape of the 3s3p[superscript 6]np [superscript ...

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