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We manifest the land-grant values and rich history of our university. We elevate academic success as an integral partner in research, learning, and discovery. We advocate for our campus and our community, connect their imaginations to information, and number their successes among our own.

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  • Burden, Maxwell; Guo, Quanqing; Krueger, Laura; Young, Nicholas (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, 2018)
    Landowners Bruce and Theresa Meyer of Palmer, KS, requested a design to address eutrophication issues causing blue-green algae blooms within their pond. The blooms impact recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, ...
  • Heise, Scott (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, 2018)
    This research evaluated how people who have functioned as followers understood their role as a follower and how their followership attitude shaped their behavior in that role. From 13 in-depth qualitative interviews, ...
  • Lalunio, Eunice (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, 2018)
    The five crania recovered from the Dmanisi site of the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia represent the earliest hominid fossils found outside of Africa (Gabunia et al. 2000). The site provides a sampling of hominid variability ...
  • Belk, Ayana (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, 2018)
    Kansas City is a divided city, split along its north-south axis by Troost Avenue. Most African-American residents live on the east side of Troost, while on the west side are primarily white and upper-middle class residents. ...
  • St. Clair, Zachary (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, 2018)
    This paper offers an exploration into the world of American police abolition and police reform. Through perspectives of community groups, criminology scholars and theorists, as well as criminological data, this paper ...

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