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  • Dears, F. C.
  • Willard, J. T. (Julius Terrass), 1862-1950
  • Willard, J. T. (Julius Terrass), 1862-1950
  • Schoeff, Robert W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of Grain Science and Industry, 2010-09-20)
  • Turner, Marcia Elizabeth (1906)
    Introduction: To him whose part in life it is, to train the intellect of the child, must come the feeling of vast responsibility at holding in his hand that most delicate of all mechanisms, and knowing that largely on him, ...
  • LaShelle, Frank Elmer (1899)
    Introduction: The subject of immigration is one that has but lately assumed gigantic importance in America; but as we shall see, has long been stubborn and knotty problem for the older nations. Owing to certain natural and ...
  • McDonald, Ethel (1907)
    Introduction: Immigration is the life history of the countries of the new world. It is through this process that European civilization has spread until now it covers the globe. It is only recently that the immigration ...
  • Stingley, John (1894)
    Introduction: What is the most noticeable feature of our time? It is the steady influx of emigrants into one country and this will probably continue as long as we continue to offer such inducements as we have been, in the ...
  • Rudy, Andrew Jackson (1891)
    Introduction: The whole life of a nation is not covered by its politics and economics. The culture of a nation consists of more than free political institutions and material prosperity. The morality of a community, its ...
  • Schoeff, Robert W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of Grain Science and Industry, 2010-09-20)
  • Dille, Cassie Belle (1898)
    Introduction: It has been said, “Mans first necessity is to live, and his first duty to work;” but at no time in the history of the world has the problem of how to live and to earn a living, been of greater importance than ...
  • Schoeff, Robert W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of Grain Science and Industry, 2010-09-20)
  • Locke, Bessie May (1898)
    Introduction: Advancement in all lines of work is being made more rapidly at the present time than ever before. In the benefit that comes from modern improvement there is no one who deserves a share more than the farmer. ...
  • Kahl, Clara Myrtle (1907)
    Introduction: The work of landscape gardening or of beautifying the home grounds in the country is better to be planned and worked out in a natural way. The outward appearance must be considered, and, though many farms are ...
  • Rhoades, W.J. (1897)
    Introduction: …In the midst of all this we wonder how many ever consider for a moment the cause of the dissatisfaction with country life. A close observer, after an hour drive in the country might answer all inquiries. The ...
  • Parrack, Albert William (1900)
    Introduction: Perhaps no question is of more universal importance, and yet less written or spoken on, than that of public wagon roads. The railroad is a subject of common discussion. It forms a part of the theme of the ...
  • Bourne, Harry S. (1901)
    Introduction: I shall perhaps use the term, “in and in breeding”, in a broader sense than it has been used by most persons; by some the term has been restricted to the breeding of the nearest relations, such as brother and ...
  • Pugh, Berton Homer. (1892)
    Introduction: Few things are more difficult to attain and few things give fuller satisfaction than success in literature. The artist may sit before his canvas for years with the most earnest application and in the end be ...
  • Gernert, Walter Byron (1907)
    Introduction: The history of winter wheat in Kansas is one of the most interesting chapters in agricultural progress. Every Kansan refers with pride to the developement of the industry from the time farming was commenced ...
  • Chandler, Howard McCune (1903)
    Blueprints for Indicator Reducing Motion, No. 1 for air compressor at K.S.A.C. Eng. Lab, and Indicator Reducing Motion, No. 2 for Corliss Engine at Manhattan Milling Company's Mill.

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