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  • Duehn, Carl O.
    Introduction: Pure drinking water is a requisite of good health. Therefore the condition of our drinking water should interest us all. Although bacteria are found most everywhere in external nature, water is one of the ...
  • Rogers, Jessie Loyde
    Introduction: Bacteriology is practically a new science and is one of utmost importance to each and every one of us, for our health alone. The science is only about twenty-five years old and at present is commanding the ...
  • Johnston, Harry Wallace
    Introduction: The subject of steer feeding is one of the most important in Kansas agriculture; and judging from the way it is frequently carried on, a study of a few factors in steer feeding will be no waste of time. We ...
  • Ames, Frank Weber
    Introduction: The subject of health, its preservation and its restoration, is one that in all civilized communities today demands the attention of many of our clearest and ablest thinkers. Investigating the causes, the ...
  • Wagner, Jessie May
    Introduction: Since water is such a common compound and occurs almost everywhere in nature in some form, but few people realize its value both as to hygiene and its use in maintaining health and life. In all cases of ...
  • Hester, Mark V.
    Introduction: As the eastern part of the United States is rapidly becoming more thickly populated, every nook and corner of ground is being brought into use. Better means of growing and cultivating crops are being devised ...
  • Pfuetze, Carl Frederic
    Introduction: The problem of getting water for domestic use has been a question from the earliest times. The first source was probably a spring or creek and no great system was needed. Each person used his own reservoir ...

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