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  • Correll, Charles McClain
    Introduction: The most universal and fundamental instinct of the human race is the instinct of worship. Every being who possesses that power which distinguishes man from beast, viz. the power to think and reason, as soon ...
  • Cook, Jessie Leona (Travis)
    Introduction: The original meaning of religion is that of “binding fast the human mind to a sense of the obligation which it owes to supernatural powers.” We find in the primitive history of all nations a religion, that ...
  • Milner, Paul Chambers
    Introduction: People have different ideas as to what are the essentials of success in life or even as to what success really is. The reason for this is principally, that they look at the end of life from different standpoints. ...
  • Stokes, Ruth
    Introduction: To be healthy, wealthy and wise is the ambition of all people without exception. Of these three to be healthy is the most importance. Health should be prized above everything else. Without health no man can ...
  • Forsythe, George
    Introduction: It is truly said, we live in a progressive age, progressive not only in religion, science, and art, but the whole universe screams to be pushing forward at a break-neck speed. As the natural forces are working ...
  • Habiger, Francis Joseph
    Introduction: This subject was chosen for reasons confronting us at the present time of which at the close of a war, when impulse and emotion are subsided, conscious consideration may better be attained. The steps that we ...
  • Farley, Guy Francis
    Introduction: Man is a dependent being. As far back as we can find any history, authentic on traditional, there is embodied in him a religious or superstitious feeling of love, fear, and worship for some supreme, material ...
  • Palmer, Elva Luthera
    Introduction: In comparing or contrasting any two objects, we must first know the exact conditions of both and then proceed from the general to the more minute. So in comparing or contrasting the subjects of Mythology and ...
  • Melton, George Lane
    Introduction: A great many of us are doubtless looking forward to our visit to the Worlds Fair as one of the great events of our lives. There will probably be another such chance to see and hear what will be crowded into ...
  • Kennett, Maud Estella
    Intoduction: The drama began in England, as it did in the Greece, in religion. In early times none but the clergy could read the story of religion; no sermons were preached, so in order to teach the uneducated of the Bible, ...

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