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  • Rokes, John Albert
    Introduction: “The life is measured by the soul’s advance, the enlargement of its powers, the expanded field wherein it ranges, till it burns and glows with heavenly joy, with high and lasting hope.” The objects of a true ...
  • Stingley, Sadie
    Introduction: Of all the influences which determine the life of the individual and on which his weal and woe depends, undoubtedly the nature of his food is one of the weightiest. Everyone knows how not only our strength ...
  • Romick, Agnes
    Introduction: Education is not a giving of something to somebody. It is a bringing forward or a bringing into use of the faculties with which every well born human being is endowed by nature. All nature shows a spontaneous ...
  • Wilder, Josephine Hannah
    Introduction: In every one there is a spirit which sees beneath the surface. In every one there is a touch of the artist and poet. To but a few, however, is given the power to put the ideal picture on canvas, or to make ...
  • St. John, Lillian Alice
    Introduction: As looked at by one philosopher, Mr. Allen, life has no object any more than the sun has an object, or the revolution of the planets or the milky-way. That there is no why to it. We exist and naturally have ...

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