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  • Duehn, Carl O.
    Introduction: Pure drinking water is a requisite of good health. Therefore the condition of our drinking water should interest us all. Although bacteria are found most everywhere in external nature, water is one of the ...
  • McDonald, Vera Alta
    Introduction: Bacteria are found every-where in nature, except at very high altitudes and at great depths. Among these various places, the dust of the air contains a great number of these minute microscopic organizations. ...
  • Rogers, Jessie Loyde
    Introduction: Bacteriology is practically a new science and is one of utmost importance to each and every one of us, for our health alone. The science is only about twenty-five years old and at present is commanding the ...
  • Pyle, Charles A.
    Introduction: The necessary requirements for the growth of bacteria being considered, it readily appealed to the writer that the surface of the human body furnished all of these necessary requirements. The excretions and ...
  • McCullough, William Andrews
    Introduction: The human mind in its earnest search for the existing realities of the world is constantly before our eyes, those things which nature has seemingly obscured from our view for centuries. In his process of ...
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Clark, Grace Maria
    Introduction: “Moulds” is an indefinite term applied to minute downy fungi which grow on the surface of matter. These fungi may be either saprophytic or parasitic. They belong to several different divisions, and this makes ...
  • Claflin, Larry
  • Zimmerman, L. Maud
    Introduction: Man labors primarily to secure food, some of which may be destroyed by bacteria. Other men seek to discover preventives of bacterial decomposition so that it may be possible to preserve foods indefinitely. ...
  • Fleming, Beulah
    Introduction: The experiments, long ago, by Tyndall and Pasteur made it clear that fermentation and putrefaction are biological processes, the result of vital activities of living organisms, and not chemical action as ...
  • Wakefield, Orin Russell
    Introduction: To the casual observer the term, pus organism, means little more than a boil with a yellow top,a red swelling, an incision and the gushing out of a yellowish pus matter,or a sensation of pain may suggest ...
  • Towne, Norman Lee
    Introduction: Bacteriology as a science,though comparatively in its infancy occupies a foremost position,and the world is fast recognizing it as an important and powerful factor in health and disease. Therefore a fundamental ...

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