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  • Schoeff, Robert W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of Grain Science and Industry, 2010-09-20)
  • Schoeff, Robert W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of Grain Science and Industry, 2010-09-20)
  • Willard, J. T. (Julius Terrass), 1862-1950
  • Schoeff, Robert W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of Grain Science and Industry, 2010-09-20)
  • Clark, Grace Maria
    Introduction: “Moulds” is an indefinite term applied to minute downy fungi which grow on the surface of matter. These fungi may be either saprophytic or parasitic. They belong to several different divisions, and this makes ...
  • Willard, J. T. (Julius Terrass), 1862-1950
  • Spilman, Harold Addison
    Introduction: Within the last few years events in some of our larger cities have caused no little agitation regarding municipal government and municipal reform. That public attention should be turned to such matters is ...
  • Dougherty, Bradford
    Introduction: The subject of municipal reform is one of world wide interest at the present time. All over this and foreign countries in all cities and especially the larger ones, there is some movement on foot for the ...
  • Holland, John Warren
    Introduction: The rapid increase of unborn population over rural means to the thoughtful man that in a comparatively few years the great masses of the people will live in cities. Small cities will grow larger, new cities ...
  • Music 
    Dewey, Ione
    Introduction: Music, in some form, has probably existed ever since the world began. The earliest music that we have any record of was the song that was sung by Moses and the Israelites after the passage of the Red Sea, ...
  • Hofer, Henrietta M.
    Introduction: Music is the most beautiful-and inspiring-gift of God, to all the world below. It is as Emile Frances Bauer has so fittingly defined it “a vehicle in which to carry such emotions, thoughts, and sentiments as ...
  • Finley, Mary
    Introduction: “When music, heavenly maid, was young; while yet in early Greece she sing;” She, divine daughter of joy, was yet - garmented in mystery – a being supernatural – regarded with superstition and fear. In many ...
  • Smith, Sallie Maud
    Introduction: Music is the art which employs sound as a medium of artistic expression for what is not in the province of literature of sculpture painting of acting or archuitecture. Music embodies the inward feelings of ...
  • Jones, Thomas Lormar
    Introduction: Music is everywhere; in the forest where the little birds sing and cheer up the lonely traveler who passes by; even the babbling of the brook, the sighing of the breeze, produce sounds which are pleasing to ...
  • Clemons, Lorena Estella
    Introduction: Musical notation of interest for the light which it throws upon music as for its own value. History of musical notation divided into three parts; first used being the letters of the alphabet; next sciatic ...
  • Conover, John Alfred
    Introduction: There have been a great many experiments and observations made on this subject by prominent fruit growers and horticulturists all over the world, and much has already been written upon it. In all hires there ...
  • Chase, E. E.
    Introduction: My farm is located in Johnson County, Kansas. Kansas City is about 10 miles away. This, with good roads mans about two hour’s drive, or three with a light load. The place is a hilly, clayey sort of land with ...
  • Willard, J. T. (Julius Terrass), 1862-1950

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