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  • Obayashi, E.; Luna, R. E.; Nagata, T.; Martin-Marcos, P.; Hiraishi, H.; Singh, Chingakham Ranjit; Erzberger, J. P.; Zhang, F.; Arthanari, H.; Morris, J.; Pellarin, R.; Moore, C.; Harmon, I.; Papadopoulos, E.; Yoshida, H.; Nasr, M. L.; Unzai, S.; Thompson, B.; Aube, E.; Hustak, S.; Stengel, F.; Dagraca, E.; Ananbandam, A.; Gao, P.; Urano, T.; Hinnebusch, A. G.; Wagner, G.; Asano, Katsura
    During eukaryotic translation initiation, eIF3 binds the solvent-accessible side of the 40S ribosome and recruits the gate-keeper protein eIF1 and eIF5 to the decoding center. This is largely mediated by the N-terminal ...
  • Xie, S. Q.; Nie, P.; Wang, Y.; Wang, H. W.; Li, H. Y.; Yang, Zhilong L.; Liu, Y. Z.; Ren, J.; Xie, Z.
    Translational control is crucial in the regulation of gene expression and deregulation of translation is associated with a wide range of cancers and human diseases. Ribosome profiling is a technique that provides genome ...

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