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  • Arnsperger, Alyssa; Fatehi, Soheila; Park, Yoonseong (2018-12-14)
    Ticks are obligatory ectoparasites of many vertebrate hosts including human. Osmoregulatory functions of ticks are crucial for the survival, especially, in the off-host ticks in arid area. We found that injection of water ...
  • Alonso, Alicia Amairani; Wilkins, Rachel; Morrison III, William R. (2018-12-14)
    Insects are our main competitors for food on the planet (1). In fact, growers lose 10-30% of crops during storage, processing, and marketing after harvest each year to stored product insects (2,3). Challenges to current ...
  • Fifield, Adriane; Gerken, Alison; Scully, Erin (2018-12-14)
    Red flour beetles are major pests of stored grains throughout the world. Since the females can lay up to 300-400 eggs in their lifetime, an infestation can get out of control quickly (Brown et al, 2009). Although ingestion ...
  • Kragelund, Ashley; Ewing, Robert; Whitworth, Jeff (2018-12-14)
    Loxosceles reclusa isconsidered a pest throughout its range in the US due mostly to the effects of its venomous bite (Sandidge and Hopwood, 2005). Management techniques include the use of pesticides to target this dangerous ...
  • Vanderree, Tessa; McKenzie, Taylor; Maldonado-Ruiz, Paulina; Park, Yoonseong; Zurek, Ludek (2018-12-14)
    Ticks are obligate blood feeding ectoparasites and vectors of several mammalian pathogens (Williams-Newkirk et al, 2014). In addition to pathogens they also carry a bacterial community with commensal and symbiotic relationships ...

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