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  • Chen, Zhangjin; Zheng, Yanyan; Yang, Weifeng; Song, Xiaohong; Xu, Junliang; DiMauro, L. F.; Zatsarinny, Oleg; Bartschat, Klaus; Morishita, Toru; Zhao, Song-Feng; Lin, C. D. (2015-12-29)
    We present calculations on the ratio between double and single ionization of helium by a strong laser pulse at a wavelength of 780 nm using the quantitative rescattering (QRS) model. According to this model, the yield for ...
  • Armstrong, G. S. J.; Colgan, J.; Pindzola, M. S.; Amami, S.; Madison, D. H.; Pursehouse, J.; Nixon, K. L.; Murray, A. J. (2015-09-11)
    Recent measurements have examined the electron-impact ionization of excited-state laser-aligned Mg atoms. In this work we show that the ionization cross section arising from the geometry where the aligned atom is ...
  • Ulmanis, Juris; Häfner, Stephan; Pires, Rico; Kuhnle, Eva D.; Wang, Yujun; Greene, Chris H.; Weidemüller, Matthias (2016-10-07)
    We investigate theoretically and experimentally the heteronuclear Efimov scenario for a three-body system that consists of two bosons and one distinguishable particle with positive intraspecies scattering lengths. The ...
  • Jiang, Yu; Huang, Yuan; Du, Yinhao; Zhao, Yinjun; Ren, Jie; Ma, Shuangge; Wu, Cen (2017)
    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-associated mortality in the United States and the world. Adenocarcinoma, the most common subtype of lung cancer, is generally diagnosed at the late stage with poor prognosis. In ...
  • Ren, Jie; Zhou, Fei; Li, Xiaoxi; Wu, Cen; Jiang, Yu (2020-06-22)
    Many complex diseases are known to be affected by the interactions between genetic variants and environmental exposures beyond the main genetic and environmental effects. Existing Bayesian methods for gene-environment (G×E) ...

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