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  • Burt, Michael; Boll, Rebecca; Lee, Jason W. L.; Amini, Kasra; Köckert, Hansjochen; Vallance, Claire; Gentleman, Alexander S.; Mackenzie, Stuart R.; Bari, Sadia; Bomme, Cédric; Düsterer, Stefan; Erk, Benjamin; Manschwetus, Bastian; Müller, Erland; Rompotis, Dimitrios; Savelyev, Evgeny; Schirmel, Nora; Techert, Simone; Treusch, Rolf; Küpper, Jochen; Trippel, Sebastian; Wiese, Joss; Stapelfeldt, Henrik; de Miranda, Barbara Cunha; Guillemin, Renaud; Ismail, Iyas; Journel, Loïc; Marchenko, Tatiana; Palaudoux, Jérôme; Penent, Francis; Piancastelli, Maria Novella; Simon, Marc; Travnikova, Oksana; Brausse, Felix; Goldsztejn, Gildas; Rouzée, Arnaud; Géléoc, Marie; Geneaux, Romain; Ruchon, Thierry; Underwood, Jonathan; Holland, David M. P.; Mereshchenko, Andrey S.; Olshin, Pavel K.; Johnsson, Per; Maclot, Sylvain; Lahl, Jan; Rudenko, Artem; Ziaee, Farzaneh; Brouard, Mark; Rolles, Daniel (2017-10-17)
    The dynamics following laser-induced molecular photodissociation of gas-phase CH2BrI at 271.6 nm were investigated by time-resolved Coulomb-explosion imaging using intense near-IR femtosecond laser pulses. The observed ...
  • Ambrosio, M. J.; Thumm, U. (2018-04-27)
    Photoelectron emission from solid surfaces induced by attosecond pulse trains into the electric field of delayed phase-coherent infrared (IR) pulses allows the surface-specific observation of energy-resolved electronic ...
  • Jin, Cheng; Hong, Kyung-Han; Lin, C. D. (2017-07-24)
    We present the macroscopic scaling of high harmonics generated by two-color laser pulses interacting with Ne gas in a hollow waveguide. We demonstrate that the divergence of harmonics is inversely proportional to the ...
  • Jiang, Shicheng; Chen, Jigen; Wei, Hui; Yu, Chao; Lu, Ruifeng; Lin, C. D. (2018-06-18)
    Since the first observation of odd and even high-order harmonics generated from ZnO crystals in 2011, the dependence of the harmonic yields on the orientation of the laser polarization with respect to the crystal axis has ...
  • Malakar, Y.; Wilhelm, F.; Trabert, D.; P., Kanaka Raju; Li, X.; Pearson, W. L.; Cao, W.; Kaderiya, B.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Rudenko, A. (2018-07-23)
    Laser-induced dissociation of a photoionized oxygen molecule is studied employing an extreme-ultraviolet-pump–near-infrared-probe (EUV-NIR pump-probe) technique. A combination of a narrow-band 11th harmonic pump centered ...
  • Pullen, Michael G.; Wolter, Benjamin; Wang, Xu; Tong, Xiao-Min; Sclafani, Michele; Baudisch, Matthias; Pires, Hugo; Schröter, Claus Dieter; Ullrich, Joachim; Pfeifer, Thomas; Moshammer, Robert; Eberly, J. H.; Biegert, Jens (2017-09-05)
    Understanding strong-field double ionization of many-electron systems is an important fundamental problem with potential implications for molecular imaging within this regime. Using mid-IR radiation, we unambiguously ...

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