Doppler-free spectroscopy of acetylene in near infrared spectral region inside photonic band gap fiber

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dc.description.abstract We investigate the nonlinear spectroscopy of acetylene in the near infrared region inside a photonic band gap fiber. The near infrared region of the optical spectrum is an area of intensive research due to its relevance to telecommunication and optical metrology. Acetylene provides a large number of reference transitions coincident with the international telecommunication band. Acetylene contains about 50 strong lines between 1510 nm and 1540 nm in the ν1+ν3 ro-vibrational combination band. We have observed the Doppler-free saturated spectrum of several of these lines. The light from a tunable diode laser at ~1531 nm, resonant with the P(11) transition, is amplified by an erbium doped fiber amplifier and split into a strong pump beam and weak probe beam which counter-propagate inside the gas-filled fiber. The measured Doppler linewidth of the P(11) line at room temperature is about 467 MHz wide. The sub-Doppler profile over a pressure range of 200-1600 mT appears as a narrow absorption feature about 20-40 MHz wide, even at the low pump power of ~10 mW. It is found that for a fiber with an 80 cm length, 20 core size, pumped with 29 mw, the optimum pressure is ~530mT. But the optimum pressure condition will further decrease when the fiber length increases. en
dc.description.sponsorship Air Force Office of Science Research; NSF CAREER Program; Kansas NSF EPSCoR Program; Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation; Kansas State University en
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dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en_US en
dc.publisher Kansas State University en
dc.subject Saturation spectroscopy in acetylene en
dc.subject Spectroscopy inside photonic band gap fiber en
dc.subject Acetylene en
dc.subject Saturation specroscopy en
dc.subject Spectroscopy in acetylene en
dc.subject Photonic band gap fiber en
dc.subject Fiber cell en
dc.title Doppler-free spectroscopy of acetylene in near infrared spectral region inside photonic band gap fiber en
dc.type Report en Master of Science en
dc.description.level Masters en
dc.description.department Department of Physics en
dc.description.advisor Kristan L. Corwin en
dc.subject.umi Physics, Optics (0752) en 2005 en December en

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