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Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs Faculty Research and Publications: Recent submissions

  • Rubin, Lisa M.; Joseph, Mindy; Lutter, Sonya; Roberts, Daron K.; Jones, Julian J. (2021)
    College students, including athletes, have limited exposure to financial education prior to enrolling in college (Britt et al., 2015). Athletes juggling two full-time roles as athlete and college student have limited time ...
  • Rubin, Lisa; Lombardi, Alyssa A.; Felice, Kennedy; Donato, Michael A. (2020)
    Undergraduate research (UR) opportunities are important for college students to engage in areas of interest, gain valuable skills, and contribute to their learning outside of the classroom (Mahatmya et al., 2017). There ...
  • McGill, Craig M.; Puroway, Drew; Duslak, Mark (2020)
    The following reflection protocol was developed by Craig M. McGill, Drew Puroway and Mark Duslak for the purpose of exploring our socialization to the emerging profession of academic advising. Collaborative autoethnography ...
  • Rubin, Lisa M.; Dringenberg, Emily A.; Lane, Jessica J.; Wefald, Andrew J. (2019-02-21)
    Educators shape the learning experiences of students in the classroom. Their views on intelligence influence the beliefs students have about their own abilities to learn. Astin (2016) cautioned, "The faculty culture regards ...
  • Rubin, Lisa M.; Moreno-Pardo, Maria D. (2018-03-22)
    Literature on job burnout in athletics is limited to coaches, trainers, athletes, and administrators. Among student-services professionals, studies have focused on those in student support services, student affairs and ...

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