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  • Weber, A.D. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2012-02-16)
    The primary purpose of this experiment was to test the value of prairie hay in a ration for wintering yearling steers. The quantity of prairie hay available for cattle feeding in Kansas has increased greatly in recent years ...
  • Ibsen, H.L. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2012-02-16)
    It is a well-known fact that Aberdeen-Angus cattle breed true for the polled characteristic. By that I mean that they never produce a calf with horns. Sometimes a purebred Angus bull will have scurs, but from a ...
  • Aubel, C.E. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2012-02-16)
    In order to produce swine profitably, it is necessary to make use of forage crops. This practice will not only save grain, but will contribute to the general health of the swine themselves. Since the country has been at ...
  • Cox, R.F.; Sloan, L.H. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2012-02-16)
    A number of years of lamb feeding experimental work involving grain comparisons, roughage comparisons, roughage comparisons and proportions of concentrates to roughage, conducted at the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station ...

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