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  • Wang, Shichen; Wong, Debbie; Forrest, Kerrie; Allen, Alexandra; Chao, Shiaoman; Huang, Bevan E.; Maccaferri, Marco; Salvi, Silvio; Milner, Sara G.; Cattivelli, Luigi; Mastrangelo, Anna M.; Whan, Alex; Stephen, Stuart; Barker, Gary; Wieseke, Ralf; Plieske, Joerg; International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium; Lillemo, Morten; Mather, Diane; Appels, Rudi; Dolferus, Rudy; Brown-Guedira, Gina; Korol, Abraham; Akhunova, Alina; Feuillet, Catherine; Salse, Jerome; Morgante, Michele; Pozniak, Curtis; Luo, Ming-Cheng; Dvorak, Jan; Morell, Matthew; Dubcovsky, Jorge; Ganal, Martin; Tuberosa, Roberto; Lawley, Cindy; Mikoulitch, Ivan; Cavanagh, Colin; Edwards, Keith J.; Hayden, Matthew; Akhunov, Eduard D. (2014-03-20)
    High-density single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping arrays are a powerful tool for studying genomic patterns of diversity, inferring ancestral relationships between individuals in populations and studying marker–trait ...
  • Mundt, C. C.; Garrett, Karen A. (2007-02-22)
    Although plant disease epidemiology has focused on populations in which all host plants have the same genotype, mixtures of host genotypes are more typical of natural populations and offer promising options for deployment ...
  • Mundt, C. C.; Garrett, Karen A. (2007-02-22)
    The use of host diversity as a tool for management of potato late blight has not been viewed as promising in the past. But the increasing importance of late blight internationally has brought new consideration to all ...

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