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  • Travers, Steven E.; Smith, Melinda D.; Bai, Jianfa; Hulbert, Scot H.; Leach, Jan E.; Schnable, Patrick S.; Knapp, Alan K.; Milliken, George A.; Fay, Philip A.; Saleh, Amgad; Garrett, Karen A. (2007-02-01)
    Recent reviews have emphasized the need to incorporate genomics into ecological field studies to further understand how species respond to changing environmental conditions. Genomic tools, such as cDNA (complementary DNA) ...
  • Milliken, George A.; Travers, S.E.; Garrett, Karen A. (2007-07-26)
    Microarray applications for the study of gene expression are becoming accessible for researchers in more and more systems. Applications from field or laboratory experiments are often complicated by the need to superimpose ...
  • Gan, Xiangchao; Stegle, Oliver; Behr, Jonas; Steffen, Joshua G.; Drewe, Philipp; Hildebrand, Katie L.; Lyngsoe, Rune; Schultheiss, Sebastian J.; Osborne, Edward J.; Sreedharan, Vipin T.; Kahles, André; Bohnert, Regina; Jean, Géraldine; Derwent, Paul; Kersey, Paul; Belfield, Eric J.; Harberd, Nicholas P.; Kemen, Eric; Toomajian, Christopher; Kover, Paula X.; Clark, Richard M.; Rätsch, Gunnar; Mott, Richard (2011-08-28)
    Genetic differences between Arabidopsis thaliana accessions underlie the plant’s extensive phenotypic variation, and until now these have been interpreted largely in the context of the annotated reference accession Col-0. ...

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