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  • Sehgal, Sunish K.; Li, Wanlong; Rabinowicz, Pablo D.; Chan, Agnes; Šimková, Hana; Doležel, Jaroslav; Gill, Bikram S. (2012-05-04)
    Background: Bread wheat, one of the world’s staple food crops, has the largest, highly repetitive and polyploid genome among the cereal crops. The wheat genome holds the key to crop genetic improvement against challenges ...
  • Tiwari, Vijay K.; Wang, Shichen; Sehgal, Sunish K.; Vrána, Jan; Friebe, Bernd R.; Kubaláková, Marie; Chhuneja, Praveen; Doležel, Jaroslav; Akhunov, Eduard D.; Kalia, Bhanu; Sabir, Jamal; Gill, Bikram S. (2014-04-10)
    Background: Monitoring alien introgressions in crop plants is difficult due to the lack of genetic and molecular mapping information on the wild crop relatives. The tertiary gene pool of wheat is a very important source ...

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