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  • Haub, Mark D.; Simons, Tammy R.; Cook, Chad M.; Remig, Valentina M.; Al-Tamimi, Enas K.; Holcomb, Carol Ann (2010-08-06)
    Background: We investigated the effects of a calcium-fortified beverage supplemented over 12 months on body composition in postmenopausal women (n = 37, age = 48–75 y). Methods: Body composition (total-body percent fat, ...
  • Al-Tamimi, Enas K.; Seib, Paul A.; Snyder, Brian S.; Haub, Mark D. (2009-09-25)
    Objective: The objective was to compare the postprandial glycemic and insulinemic responses to nutrition bars containing either cross-linked RS type 4 (RS4XL) or standard wheat starch in normoglycemic adults (n=13; age= ...
  • Haub, Mark D.; Hubach, Kelcie L.; Al-tamimi, Enas K.; Ornelas, Sammy; Seib, Paul A. (2010-08-06)
    The purpose of this study was to determine whether different types of resistant starch (RS) elicited different glycemic responses. Eleven healthy subjects consumed solutions containing 30 g of either dextrose (DEX), ...
  • Hastmann, Tanis J.; Foster, Karla E.; Rosenkranz, Richard R.; Rosenkranz, Sara K.; Dzewaltowski, David A. (2013-01-15)
    Background: Participation in physically active games is one way to increase energy expenditure in children. However, it is unknown whether adult leader participation (LP) in games can impact children’s physical activity ...
  • Lattimer, James M.; Haub, Mark D. (2011-10-05)
    Dietary fiber and whole grains contain a unique blend of bioactive components including resistant starches, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. As a result, research regarding their potential health benefits ...
  • Cook, Chad M.; Haub, Mark D. (2008-08-26)
    Athletes are continually searching for means to optimize their performance. Within the past 20 years, athletes and scientists have reported and/or observed that consuming a carbohydrate restricted diet may improve ...
  • Rosenkranz, Richard R.; Dzewaltowski, David A. (2008-05-21)
    The home food environment can be conceptualized as overlapping interactive domains composed of built and natural, sociocultural, political and economic, micro-level and macro-level environments. Each type and level of ...
  • Burrows, Tracy; Golley, Rebecca K.; Khambalia, Amina; McNaughton, Sarah A.; Magarey, Anthea; Rosenkranz, Richard R.; Alllman-Farinelli, Margaret; Rangan, Anna M.; Truby, Helen; Collins, Clare (2013-06-06)
    Background: Assessing dietary intake is important in evaluating childhood obesity intervention effectiveness. Purpose: To evaluate the dietary intake methods and reporting in intervention studies that included a dietary ...

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