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  • Hamilton, Stacy; Goff, Briana S. Nelson; Crow, Janet R.; Reisbig, Allison M.J. (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2009-06-23)
    Research traditionally has focused on the development of symptoms in those who experienced war-trauma directly but overlooked the impact of trauma in the partners of soldiers. The current study reports data from 45 couples ...
  • Maddock, Jay E.; Reger-Nash, Bill; Heinrich, Katie M.; Leyden, Kevin M.; Bias, Thomas K. (2012-10-17)
    The U.S. Community Guide to Preventive Services strongly recommends changes in urban design, land use and accessibility to increase physical activity. To achieve these goals, policy change is often needed. This study ...
  • Rosenkranz, Richard R.; Dzewaltowski, David A. (2009-03-27)
    Numerous cross-sectional studies and some longitudinal studies have identified the positive attributes and protective effects of the traditional family meal. Children and adolescents who frequently eat meals with their ...
  • Stith, Sandra M.; Liu, Ting; Davies, L. Christopher; Boykin, Esther L.; Alder, Meagan C.; Harris, Jennifer M.; Som, Anurag; McPherson, Mary; Dees, J. E. M. E. G. (2012-10-26)
    This review presents the results of a series of meta-analyses identifying the relative strength of various risk factors for child physical abuse and neglect. Data from 155 studies examining 39 different risk factors were ...
  • Grable, John E.; McGill, Samantha; Britt, Sonya L. (2010-09-01)
    Older individuals are generally assumed to be less risk tolerant compared to others. The purpose of this research was to test how accurately working adults at different ages in the lifespan estimate their risk-taking ...
  • Thompson, Kelly R.; Chambers, Delores H.; Chambers, Edgar, IV (2009-10-06)
    This study was conducted to define and compare sensory characteristics of high quality Italian gelati to ice creams produced in the United States. Trained descriptive sensory panelists evaluated gelato samples in Italy, ...
  • Sellers, Debra M. (2009-08-28)
    This first person narrative details an illuminating and personal insight that transpired for the author, a gerontologist. Her attitudes about growing older, the meaning of old age, and implicit ageist views are challenged ...
  • Hiller Connell, Kim Y.; Kozar, Joy M. (International Textile and Apparel Association, Inc., 2011-03-10)
    A study by Kim and Damhorst (1998) found that, despite holding attitudes of environmental concern, only a limited degree of socially responsible apparel consumption behaviors were present among apparel consumers. The ...
  • York, Valerie K.; Brannon, Laura A.; Roberts, Kevin R.; Shanklin, Carol W.; Howells, Amber D. (2010-09-07)
    Within the framework of the theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1991), this study compared the relative usefulness of utilizing a focus group or survey methodology when eliciting restaurant employees’ beliefs about ...

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