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  • Curtis, Katherine; Hallaq, Tom (Kansas State University, )
    A team of three scientists from Kansas State University, Michigan State University and the Desert Botanical Garden are investigating polyploidy (the condition of having more than one set of chromosomes) and diversity in ...
  • Physport 
    Shores, Andrew; Hallaq, Tom (Kansas State University, )
    This project is developing a web-based, validated instrument to monitor, as the academic term progresses, student understanding of a wide range of introductory physics concepts. The distinguishing feature of the approach ...
  • Guidry, Nate; Hallaq, Tom (Kansas State University, )
    A central focus of this research is the development of microfluidic devices for manipulating single cells and conducting measurements of cell chemical reactions using electrical and optical techniques. Microfluidic devices ...
  • Hennigh, Sam; Hallaq, Tom (Kansas State University, )
    Extreme environments allow for the investigation of life’s capacity and limitations to cope with far-from-average environmental conditions. Springs rich in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) represent some of the most extreme freshwater ...
  • White, Rayvin; Hallaq, Tom (Kansas State University, )
    Cells move and migrate to new locations in the bodies of developing animals, an important step for the correct formation and function of organs. This research uses a simple genetic model, the fruit fly, to investigate how ...

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