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  • Edgar, Joshua, D. (Kansas State University. Dept. of History, )
    For many, the frontier conjures up pictures of cowboys and shootouts. However, for those who lived through the frontier period, the picture was painted with a much bleaker brush. The constant threat of venereal disease ...
  • Duke, Claire A . (Kansas State University. Dept. of History, )
    The Huddy-Asgill affair, though a supposedly minor event, illustrated important aspects of the American Revolution. It was emblematic of much larger issues of this period. The affair exemplified the volatile, civil war-like ...
  • Rogers, John P. (Kansas State University. Dept. of History, )
    The discovery of penicillin in 1928 was a breakthrough in the world of medicine. Bacterial diseases could now be treated rapidly and easily without the long, complex regimens prescribed by doctors before this time. ...
  • Eaves, Tyler W. (Kansas State University. Dept. of History, )
    Fought in the mid-1850s, many scholars regard the Crimean War as largely insignificant. However in reality, the historical contributions of the war are important – particularly those contributions pertaining to medicine. ...
  • McCrea, Heather L.
    Over the past three to four decades historical works focused on health and medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean have burgeoned into a rich body of scholarship. Scholars delve into a myriad of subjects using medicine ...

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