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Entomology Students' Papers and Presentations


This collection contains undergraduate research papers, presentations and projects by students in the Department of Entomology. The represented works reflect reviewed quality research in the field of Entomology.

Featured Items

  • Hicks, Russell; Kruse, Amy; McCornack, Brian
    Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects with long slender mouthparts used to pierce leaves and extract fluids; to check for aphid infestation, one must check the underside of the leaf as this is the preferential side for ...
  • Hamblin, Matt; Phillips, Thomas W.
    Red flour beetles are a serious pest to stored grain crops (United States 2015). Many different studies have been and are currently being done to find new anti-feedant deterrents to keep these beetles from infesting or ...
  • Hall, Brandon; Marshall, Jeremy
    Competition for space, resources, and mates plays an important role in the survivorship of many organisms (Sbilordo et al. 2011). Understanding how competition affects a population is a crucial component in ensuring the ...
  • Dostal, Elyse; Enders, Laramy; Smith, C. Michael
    Damage from aphids to wheat plants is noticeable from a distance and can result in water stress, reduced plant growth and wilting. Different aphids are said to cause different colorations when damaging the plants. The ...
  • Gray, Ieasha; Johnson, Carissa; Marshall, Jeremy
    Cooperation is an important behavior because it can affect all aspects of life (Sandholm and Crites 1996; Kagel and McGee 2016; Cohen etal. 1999). The Prisonor’s Dilemma is a classic game theory game of cooperation (Falk ...

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