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  • Boac, J. M.; Casada, M. E.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G.; Harner, Joseph P. (2012-08-03)
    Unwanted grain commingling impedes new quality-based grain handling systems and has proven to be an expensive and time-consuming issue to study experimentally. Experimentally validated models may reduce the time and expense ...
  • Boac, Josephine M.; Casada, Mark E.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G. (2015-03-19)
    Pelleting of animal feeds is important for improved feeding efficiency and for convenience of handling. Pellet quality impacts the feeding benefits for the animals and pellet integrity during handling. To compare the effect ...
  • Aguilar, Orlando A.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G.; Trabue, Steven L.; Rice, Charles W.; Erickson, Larry E. (2014-03-06)
    Pen surface amendments for mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), and carbon dioxide (CO2), from beef cattle feedlots, were evaluated under controlled laboratory ...
  • Almuhanna, E. A.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G.; Murphy, James P.; Erickson, Larry E. (American society of agricultural and biological engineers, 2010-03-02)
    A prototype electrostatically assisted particulate wet scrubber (EPWS) for controlling dust in livestock buildings was developed and tested under laboratory and field conditions. Under laboratory conditions, the EPWS with ...
  • Boac, Josephine M.; Casada, Mark E.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G.; Harner, Joseph P. III (2015-03-20)
    Experimental investigations of grain flow can be expensive and time consuming, but computer simulations can reduce the large effort required to evaluate the flow of grain in handling operations. Published data on material ...
  • Aguilar, Orlando A.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G.; Rice, Charles W.; Trabue, Steven L.; Erickson, Larry E. (2014-05-09)
    Emission of greenhouse gases, including nitrous oxide (N₂O), from open beef cattle feedlots is becoming an environmental concern; however, research measuring emission rates of N₂O from open beef cattle feedlots has been ...
  • Guo, Li; Maghirang, Ronaldo G. (2012-06-14)
    Vegetative barriers have the potential to mitigate particulate matter (PM) from open dust sources, including unpaved and paved roads, exposed storage piles, and agricultural sources; however, data on their effectiveness ...
  • Bhadra, Rumela; Turner, Aaron P.; Casada, Mark E.; Montross, Michael D.; Thompson, Sidney A.; Boac, Josephine M.; McNeill, Samuel G.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G. (Transactions of the ASABE, )
    Shelled yellow corn is commonly stored in concrete or corrugated steel bins. Granular materials compact under their own weight, primarily due to particle rearrangement, leading to an increase in bulk density and a change ...
  • Boac, Josephine M.; Maghirang, Ronaldo G.; Casada, Mark E.; Wilson, Jeff D.; Jung, Yoon‐Sung (2015-03-19)
    Dust generated during grain handling can pose a safety and health hazard and is an air pollutant. This study was conducted to characterize the particle size distribution (PSD) of dust generated during handling of wheat and ...

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