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We manifest the land-grant values and rich history of our university. We elevate academic success as an integral partner in research, learning, and discovery. We advocate for our campus and our community, connect their imaginations to information, and number their successes among our own.

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  • Fritch, Melia E.
    This article establishes a theoretical framework for critical library instruction (and thereby critical information literacy) that is built upon critical feminist theory, critical race theory, and engaged pedagogy, among ...
  • Coleman, Tara L.; Vaughan, Mariya
    Selecting a common book can feel like a battle for the Iron Throne. To ensure that our book isn't chosen by the faction with the biggest dragon (power) or biggest cache of gold (resources), we employ various strategies to ...
  • Miles, Rachel A.
    Access to research results is imperative in today’s robust digital age, yet access is often prevented by publisher paywalls. Open Access (OA) is the simple idea that all research should be free for all to access, use, and ...
  • Palacios, Karen (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, )
    Despite an increase in the number of Hispanics immigrating to the United States since the 1990s, the rate pursuing higher education is significantly less than the White population. Research on the race/ethnic gap in college ...
  • Richards, Megan; Brungardt, Kaley; Schuette, Kendra (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, )
    Lab on a chip devices are currently being studied to aid in blood based diagnostic assaytests for personalized medicine applications. These biosensors are appealingdue to their low cost, simplicity of use, and quick feedback ...

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