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We manifest the land-grant values and rich history of our university. We elevate academic success as an integral partner in research, learning, and discovery. We advocate for our campus and our community, connect their imaginations to information, and number their successes among our own.

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  • Pitts, Joelle ; Fritch, Melia E. (American Library Association, )
    For years, Kansas State University Libraries taught face-to-face library instruction sessions for the general education courses, Expository Writing and Public Speaking. We called these Library Days, as they were scheduled ...
  • Gonzalez, Adriana; Kearns, Sara K.; Martin, Darchelle; Reed, Jason B. (American Library Association, )
    Ambassadors are more than student volunteers that choose to dedicate their time toward the libraries; we are active and engaged members of the student body that believe that the libraries are worthy of time and investment. ...
  • Webb, Caitlyn; Knutson, Connor; Gamble, Tia (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, )
    Our research team elected to analyze the profitability and marketability of expanding First Watch Daytime Café to Manhattan, Kansas, through market, competitive, and growth analyses. The market analysis utilizes primary ...
  • Reichenberger, Amanda (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, )
    This study tested the influence of competition and risk aversion on risk-involved investment decisions. The primary base for research lay within message framing and prospect theory. Participants took 1 of 4 different ...
  • Brase, Emma (Kansas State University. K-State Libraries, )
    Visual neglect is a cognitive condition that results from right posterior parietal hemisphere brain damage due to stroke, which usually causes perception deficits on the left side of space. Neglect related symptoms can ...

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