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The Digital Collection provides access to digital resources that uniquely document the history of the university and the state. The collection spans a range of subjects that support the teaching and research needs of the K-State community. It also makes rare or fragile items of broad research value accessible to a greater number of users. Materials included in the collection are books, journal series, manuscripts, photographic images, slides, maps, and posters.

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Featured Items

  • Intermediate Design Class, Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science
  • Crump, Mabel
    Introduction: The desire to give expression to feelings and conceptions is inseperable from human nature. Man expresses his thoughts and emotions by gesture and speech and these expressions he soon learns to vary into song ...
  • Dial, F. V.
    Introduction: It is easy to understand the enthusiasm of ornithologists. The subjects of their study are found among the grandest and most beautiful scenes of nature. They pursue their investigations, not bending over the ...
  • Correll, Maggie
    Introduction: In order to think of anyone of the factors of an education, as related to all others, we must have for a foundation a definite understanding of the end to be sought, and the benefit to be derived therefore. ...
  • Cheadle, Frank E.
    Introduction: The movement in the direction of a shorter working day has been going on for many years, particularly in the English speaking countries. The day has been successively changed from fourteen to twelve hours and ...

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