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  • Program (Kansas State University. K-State First., )
    Developed for instructors, this guide to "Zeitoun" by Dave Eggers includes discussion questions and recommended books and films.
  • Holman, Johnathon D.; Dumler, Troy J.; Maxwell, Scott R.; Olson, Brian; Roberts, Thomas J.; Schlegel, Alan J.; Thompson, Curtis R. (Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, 2013-08-22)
  • Linton, Richard H.; Nutsch, Abbey L.; McSwane, David; Kastner, Justin; Bhatt, Tejas; Hodge, Sheryl; Getty, Kelly J. K.; Maier, Dirk E.; Kastner, Curtis L.; Chaturvedi, Alok; Woodley, Cynthia (2011-10-13)
    One of the important areas of vulnerability that has been repeatedly identified following the events of September 11, 2001 is the potential for an intentional attack on America’s food supply. Despite the importance of ...
  • Depcik, Christopher (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    University of Kansas (KU) students, who refer to themselves as the EcoHawks, apply engineering techniques in order to solve real-world problems by approaching the situation from five vectors of success: education, energy, ...
  • Fowler, Mark (2014-09-05)
  • Coates, Gary (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    It is becoming increasingly clear that the 21st century will constitute a radically new era in human history, one that will be defined by our collective response to three inescapable and interconnected problems that are ...
  • Pitts, Ian (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    Transportation is both the skeletal structure and the circulatory system of a city. It is the foundation upon which all development happens. Currently, Manhattan’s transportation options are centered on the tyranny of the ...
  • Ebert, Kerri (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    Funded by the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture since 1988, the SARE program is a participatory and inclusive system that supports and promotes sustainable farming and ...
  • Boguski, Terrie; Boguski, Rebecca (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    In his book, The Triple Bottom Line, Andrew Savitz highlights the need to evaluate human decisions and activities from the perspective of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. In the late 1960’s, methods for ...
  • Pahwa, Anil; Kuhn, William B.; Miller, Ruth Douglas; Rys, Andrew (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    A shortage of students pursuing electrical and computer engineering, coupled with both the need for sustainability and the desire of today’s students, especially women, to involve themselves in work that benefits society, ...
  • Erickson, Larry E.; Griswold, Wendy M.; Saulters, Oral S.; Hohn, Keith L. (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    There is a growing interest in sustainability education in many universities. Existing courses are being modified to add sustainability. At K-State, the Natural Resource/Environmental Science Project, DEN 582, is an ...
  • Fowler, Mark (2014-09-05)
  • Kansas State University. Agricultural Research Center--Hays (Kansas State University. Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service, 2015-04-27)
    Roundup is the major beef cattle education and outreach event sponsored by the Agricultural Research Center–Hays. The 2011 program is the 98th staging of Roundup. The purpose is to communicate timely, applicable research ...
  • Roberts, Kevin R.; Barrett, Betsy B. (2012-03-01)
    Little research has been conducted in applying a theoretical framework to explore restaurant managers’ beliefs about food safety training. Understanding managers’ perceptions of employee food safety training is integral ...
  • Knight, Jonathan (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    A community has seven community assets: physical, environmental, cultural, social, financial, political, and human. Together these assets affect how a community develops, grows, and changes. This presentation, entitled ...
  • Gomez, Lorena; Jumpponen, Ari M.; Gonzales, Miguel A.; Cusicanqui, Jorge; Valdivia, Corinne; Motavalli, Peter; Herman, Michael A.; Garrett, Karen A. (2011-06-27)
    In the Bolivian highlands (Altiplano; approx. 4000 masl), traditional fallow periods are being shortened in an effort to increase short-term crop yields, which may be at the expense of soil quality and plant health. ...
  • Carter, David (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    Time and money are two obstacles preventing companies from implementing energy-efficiency projects. To mitigate these concerns, the Kansas State University Pollution Prevention Institute (PPI) began an intern program that ...
  • Bell, Michelle; Hasler, Fred (Kansas State University, 2011-05-12)
    Current techniques in calculation, design of lighting, and measurement primarily focus on how the human eye perceives illumination photopically. What we know is that at night the eye primarily utilizes scotopic vision, ...
  • Subramanyam, Bhadriraju (2014-10-29)
  • Filion, Katie; KuKanich, Kate S.; Chapman, Ben; Hardigree, Megan K.; Powell, Douglas A. (2012-02-08)
    Background: Hand hygiene is important before meals, especially in a hospital cafeteria where patrons may have had recent contact with infectious agents. Few interventions to improve hand hygiene have had measureable ...

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