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  • Smallwood, Chuck R.; Jordan, Lorne; Trinh, Vy; Schuerch, Daniel W.; Gala, Amparo; Hanson, Mathew; Shipelskiy, Yan; Majumdar, Aritri; Newton, Salete M.; Klebba, Phillip E. (2014-09-29)
    Spectroscopic analyses of fluorophore-labeled Escherichia coli FepA described dynamic actions of its surface loops during binding and transport of ferric enterobactin (FeEnt). When FeEnt bound to fluoresceinated FepA, in ...
  • Lill, Y.; Jordan, L. D.; Smallwood, C. R.; Newton, Salete M.; Lill, M. A.; Klebba, Phillip E.; Ritchie, K.
    The important process of nutrient uptake in Escherichia coli, in many cases, involves transit of the nutrient through a class of beta-barrel proteins in the outer membrane known as TonB-dependent transporters (TBDTs) and ...
  • Pi, Hualiang; Jones, Shari A.; Mercer, Lynn E.; Meador, Jessica P.; Caughron, Joyce E.; Jordan, Lorne; Newton, Salete M.; Conway, Tyrrell; Klebba, Phillip E. (2013-03-04)
    We investigated the importance of the production of catecholate siderophores, and the utilization of their iron (III) complexes, to colonization of the mouse intestinal tract by Escherichia coli. First, a ΔtonB strain was ...

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