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  • Menzies, C.; Hillman, M.; Wheat, J.D.; Mackintosh, D.L.; Merkel, R.A. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-10-11)
    This is a contributing project to the North Central-50 Regional Sheep Breeding Project. The Kansas State project was initiated in the spring of 1959 to determine relationships between various carcass measurements and live ...
  • Smith, W.H.; Wheat, J.D. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-20)
    The purebred Shorthorn cattle breeding project was continued during 1960 according to the breeding program adopted when the study was initiated in 1949. Two inbred lines were established and have been continued. The Wernacre ...
  • Menzies, C.; Banburry, E. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-10-03)
    This sheep project was initiated in the spring of 1959 as a new research project at the Colby Branch Experiment Station in cooperation with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Kansas State University. One hundred fifty-one ...
  • Mackintosh, D.L.; Merkel, R.A.; Menzies, C.S. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-20)
    This project was undertaken in the spring of 1960 in an endeavor to determine the relationship, if any, of internal fats, overflow, and feathering to the degree of marbling in the longissimus dorsi muscle (eye muscle), the ...
  • Richardson, D.; Smith, E.F.; Koch, B.A.; Boren, Fred W. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-20)
    In previous tests where grain intake was held at the same level, finely ground pelleted sorghum grain has produced larger and more efficient grain than rolled sorghum grain. This test was conducted to study the value of ...
  • Anthony, H.D.; Kelley, D.C.; Nelson, D.L.; Smith, E.F.; Wearden, S.; Boren, Fred W. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-07)
    This is the second year in which an attempt was made to determine some basic facts related to shipping fever and shipping shrink in weaned stocker calves. As in the previous years, the calves used in this study were from ...
  • McCarter, M.M.; Koch, B.A.; Smith, E.F.; Richardson, D. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-07)
    Previous data collected at this station seem to indicate that supplementary dietary trace minerals may be of value under certain feeding regimes. This trial also was designed to obtain further information on the value of ...
  • Smith, E.F.; Koch, B.A. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-20)
    Forty Hereford steers were divided into two groups of 20 each on the basis of weight. Each group was pastured in a 160-acre bluestem pasture on the Pringle Ranch near Rose, Kansas, Both groups were fed protein blocks and ...
  • Richardson, D.; Koch, B.A.; Smith, E.F.; Ward, J.K.; Boren, Fred W. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-20)
    Three lots of 10 heifer calves each were fed the same ration except for the added enzyme preparations. Ingredients and average daily consumption are show in Table 19. Lot 1 served as the control. The enzyme preparations ...
  • Aubel, C.E. (Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station, 2011-09-20)
    Two lots of pigs were self-fed, free choice, whole sorghum grain and a mixed protein supplement. Each lot contained 10 pigs. In one lot, the whole sorghum grain was fed dry, in the other, it was automatically fed into water ...

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