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  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Spartz, C. L.; Dembowski, S.; Dwyre, S.; Desper, J.
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Forbes, Safiyyah; Desper, John (2014-08-15)
    Systematic structure-property studies on a series of co-crystals of potential cancer drugs with aliphatic dicarboxylic acids were undertaken. This study reveals that systematic changes to the molecular nature of the ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Panikkattu, Sheelu; Chopade, Prashant D.; Desper, John (2013-02-18)
    In order to study the structure-directing competition between hydrogen- and alogen-bond donors we have synthesized two ligands, 3,3’-azobipyridine and 4,4’-azobipyridine, and co-crystallized them with a series of bi-functional ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Epa, Kanishka N.; Forbes, Safiyyah; Desper, John (2013-09-10)
    Based on a systematic structural study of co-crystals of a ditopic probe molecule, (Z)-N,4-dihydroxybenzimidoyl cyanide, decorated with an –OH group and a cyanooxime moiety, it has been shown that in a competitive molecular ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Wijethunga, Tharanga K.; Desper, John (2014-01-22)
    Bifurcated halogen bonds constructed from N-oxides and complementary halogen-bond donors provide the basis for a synthetic strategy for the deliberate assembly of molecular polygons in the solid state. The donor- and ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Panikkattu, Sheelu; DeHaven, Baillie; Desper, John (2013-07-16)
    To establish how intermolecular interactions influence the supramolecular assembly of azopyridines, a total of five co-crystals of 3,3′ and 4,4′-azopyridine; 3,3′-azpy:succinic acid (3,3′-azpy:SA), 3,3′-azpy:adipic acid ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Rajbanshi, Arbin; Metrangolo, Pierangelo; Resnati, Giuseppe; Parisi, Melchiorre F.; Desper, John; Pilati, Tullio (2012-11-08)
    A halogen-bonded capsule is obtained via directed assembly of a rigid tetra(3-pyridyl) cavitand and a flexible tetra(4-iodotetrafluorophenyl) calix[4]arene. The pyridyl nitrogen atoms from one cavitand molecule interact ...
  • Abul-Haj, Mohammad; Aakeröy, Christer B.; Desper, John (2013-02-15)
    A series of silver(I) coordination compounds with the ligand 2-(4-pyridyl)imidazole 4-PyIm has been synthesized and crystallographically characterized in order to explore the role of counter ion, solvent and ligand charge ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Sinha, Abhijeet Shekhar; Epa, Kanishka N.; Chopade, Prashant D.; Smith, Michelle M.; Desper, John (2013-07-30)
    Oximes (RR'C=N-OH) represent an important class of organic compounds with a wide range of practical applications, but a systematic examination of the structural chemistry of such compounds has so far not been carried out. ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Chopade, Prashant D.; Quinn, Colette F.; Desper, John (2014-06-20)
    A set of COOH···N(pyridine) 5 hydrogen bonds have been utilized in the targeted synthesis of a cavitand-based assembly. A cavitand appended with four pyridyl groups was synthesized from a Suzuki coupling of a tetrabromocavitand ...
  • Aakeröy, Christer B.; Sinha, Abhijeet Shekhar; Epa, Kanishka N.; Spartz, Christine L.; Desper, John (2012-11-26)
    A robust, facile and solvent-free mechanochemical path for aldehyde–oxime transformations using hydroxylamine and NaOH is explored; the method is suitable for aromatic and aliphatic aldehydes decorated with a range of ...

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