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  • Talacuece, M. A. D.; Justino, F. B.; Rodrigues, R. D.; Flores, M. E. P.; Nascimento, J. G.; Alvarez Santos, Eduardo
    This study aims to calibrate and validate the generic crop model (CROPGRO-Soybean) and estimate the soybean yield, considering simulations with different sowing times for the current period (1990-2013) and future climate ...
  • Adee, Eric; Hansel, Fernando D.; Ruiz Diaz, Dorivar; Janssen, Keith
    Strip-till has been used at a large scale in east central Kansas as an alternative to earlier planting dates under a no-till system. To determine the effects of planting corn (Zea mays) under previously established ...
  • Jagadish, Krishna S.V.; Bahuguna, R. N.; Djanaguiraman, M.; Gamuyao, R.; Vara Prasad, P.V.; Craufurd, P. Q.
    Flowering is a crucial determinant for plant reproductive success and seed-set. Increasing temperature and elevated carbon-dioxide (e[CO2]) are key climate change factors that could affect plant fitness and flowering related ...
  • Boyles, R. E.; Cooper, E. A.; Myers, M. T.; Brenton, Z.; Rauh, B. L.; Morris, Geoffrey P.; Kresovich, S.
    Grain yield and its primary determinants, grain number and weight, are important traits in cereal crops that have been well studied; however, the genetic basis of and interactions between these traits remain poorly understood. ...
  • Peralta, Nahuel R.; Yared, Assefa; Du, Juan; Barden, Charles J.; Ciampitti, Ignacio A.
    This technical note presents the first Sentinel-2 data service platform for obtaining atmospherically-corrected images and generating the corresponding value-added products for any land surface on Earth ( ...

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