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  • Rouse, Matthew N.; Olson, Eric L.; Gill, Bikram S.; Pumphrey, Michael O.; Jin, Yue (2011-10-13)
    Aegilops tauschii Coss., the D genome donor of hexaploid wheat, Triticum aestivum L., has been used extensively for the transfer of agronomically important traits to wheat, including stem rust resistance genes Sr33, Sr45, ...
  • Gan, Xiangchao; Stegle, Oliver; Behr, Jonas; Steffen, Joshua G.; Drewe, Philipp; Hildebrand, Katie L.; Lyngsoe, Rune; Schultheiss, Sebastian J.; Osborne, Edward J.; Sreedharan, Vipin T.; Kahles, André; Bohnert, Regina; Jean, Géraldine; Derwent, Paul; Kersey, Paul; Belfield, Eric J.; Harberd, Nicholas P.; Kemen, Eric; Toomajian, Christopher; Kover, Paula X.; Clark, Richard M.; Rätsch, Gunnar; Mott, Richard (2014-02-18)
    Genetic differences between Arabidopsis thaliana accessions underlie the plant’s extensive phenotypic variation, and until now these have been interpreted largely in the context of the annotated reference accession Col-0. ...
  • Sparks, Adam Henry; Forbes, G.A.; Hijmans, R.J.; Garrett, Karen A. (2011-10-07)
    Process-based ecological models used to assess organisms’ responses to environmental conditions often need input data at a high temporal resolution, e.g., hourly or daily weather data. Such input data may not be available ...
  • Beed, Fen; Benedetti, Anna; Cardinali, Gianluigi; Chakraborty, Sukumar; Dubois, Thomas; Halewood, Michael; Garrett, Karen A. (FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, 2011-12-16)
  • Borer, Elizabeth T.; Antonovics, Janis; Kinkel, Linda L.; Hudson, Peter J.; Daszak, Peter; Ferrari, Matthew J.; Garrett, Karen A.; Parrish, Colin R.; Read, Andrew F.; Rizzo, David M. (2012-05-31)
    Pathogens traverse disciplinary and taxonomic boundaries, yet infectious disease research occurs in many separate disciplines including plant pathology, veterinary and human medicine, and ecological and evolutionary sciences. ...

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