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This is the community for doctoral dissertations and masters theses and reports submitted by K-State students. K-State graduate students were required to submit doctoral dissertations electronically beginning Fall semester 2006. Electronic submission for masters theses and reports was required beginning Fall 2007. In addition, some deteriorating paper dissertations, theses, and reports, primarily from the years 1969 to 1980, were digitized and made available online.

For dissertations, theses, and reports not in one of the collections listed below, consult the library catalog or Dissertations and Theses – Full Text.

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Recent Submissions

  • Li, Ningbo (Kansas State University, 2013)
    Sorghum distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS), canola and camelina meals are the main co-products resulting from grain-based ethanol or oil production. The main objective of this research was to study physicochemical ...
  • Curtis, Chandler (Kansas State University, 2014)
    Teachers’ ability to engage students is in influenced by teachers’ collective efficacy beliefs. Yet, empirical evidence on the relationship between the social persuasion variables of schools and teacher collective efficacy ...
  • Zohrabi, Mohammad (Kansas State University, 2014)
    Present advances in laser technology allow the production of ultrashort (≲5 fs, approaching single cycle at 800 nm), intense tabletop laser pulses. At these high intensities laser-matter interactions cannot be described ...
  • Ni, Lingfei (Kansas State University, 2014)
    This report shows the mathematics behind the solution to continuous time optimization problems. It shows how to specify the Hamiltonian function, how to use the Hamiltonian to obtain the optimal conditions for a typical ...
  • Ploetz, Elizabeth Anne (Kansas State University, 2014)
    The Kirkwood-Buff (KB) theory of solutions, published in 1951, established a route from integrals over radial (pair) distribution functions (RDFs) in the grand canonical ensemble to a set of thermodynamic quantities in an ...