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  • Basel, Matthew T.; Balivada, Sivasai; Wang, Hongwang; Shrestha, Tej Bahadur; Seo, Gwi Moon; Pyle, Marla; Abayaweera, Gayani; Dani, Raj; Koper, Olga B.; Tamura, Masaaki; Chikan, Viktor; Bossmann, Stefan H.; Troyer, Deryl L. (2012-05-24)
    Using magnetic nanoparticles to absorb alternating magnetic field energy as a method of generating localized hyperthermia has been shown to be a potential cancer treatment. This report demonstrates a system that uses tumor ...
  • Wang, Lei; Liu, Ziyan; Balivada, Sivasai; Shrestha, Tej Bahadur; Bossmann, Stefan H.; Pyle, Marla; Pappan, Loretta; Shi, Jishu N.; Troyer, Deryl L. (2012-05-31)
    Introduction: Glioma stem cells (GSCs) have the property of self-renewal and appear to be a driving force for the initiation and recurrence of gliomas. We recently found that the human tumorigenic LN-229 glioma cell line ...
  • Shrestha, Tej Bahadur; Seo, Gwi M.; Basel, Matthew T.; Kalita, Mausam; Wang, Hongwang; Villanueva, David; Pyle, Marla; Troyer, Deryl L.; Bossmann, Stefan H. (2012-07-31)
    We have transfected murine neural stem cells (NSCs) and rat umbilical cord matrix-derived stem cells (RUCMSCs) with a plasmid expressing gaussia luciferase (gLuc). These cells are engineered to secrete the luciferase. We ...

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