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  • Vail, Alice
    Introduction: From the days of longsleeved aprons we have loved our storybooks. There it was the one with large, colored pictures that pleased us most. We wanted the Three Bears pictured vividly with immense teeth and ...
  • Day, Daisy
    Introduction: The word novel calls to the minds of most people a world of trashy fiction – stories of wildest exaggeration of love and sensation – tales in which all women were Madonna’s, and all men brave, handsome knights ...
  • Kimball, Stella Victoria
    Introduction: This is an age of novelists. Each kind of literature has had its period of greatest prominence. All through history poetry has been the first to reappear after a period in which the literature has been ...
  • The muses 
    Kinley, Kylie (Kansas State University, 2013-02-28)
    This project is the first three chapters of a young adult novel, The Muses. Lily Bellows is singled out in infancy to become one of the Muses, humans given supernatural powers through enchanted golden masks. The six Muses ...
  • Ma, Jingjiao (Kansas State University, )
    Influenza A virus (IAV) is an enveloped, segmented, negative-sense RNA virus that infects avian species and mammals. Its segmented feature enables antigenic shift which can generate novel IAVs that pose a threat to animal ...
  • Euteneuer, Jacob (Kansas State University, 2012-04-27)
    In this project, the opening chapters of a novel, a fifty-foot man falls to the ground in Athens, Ohio. He is pronounced dead at the scene. What begins as a bizarre happening in a small college town soon spirals into an ...
  • Dille, Grace
    Introduction: One of the most interesting portions of the history of English literature is that which treats of the growth of the novel. We are accustomed to speak of that growth as a most rapid one, and, indeed, if we go ...
  • McKeen, Sarah Laura
    Intoduction: We are constantly hearing something about the novel and the influence which it has had upon people. At the present time we might say that the novel is the most universally read of all forms of literature, for ...

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