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  • Abortions 
    Caley, Homer K., 1922- (Kansas State University, )
  • Poole, G.
    Introduction: As beef production is one of the most prosperous and promising industries in the state of Kansas, and as it is yet in its infancy of development, there are many problems connected with it which are very ...
  • Stokka, Gerald L.; Smith, John F., 1962-; Shirley, John E.; Falkner, Thomas R.; Van Anne, Travis (Kansas State University, )
  • Stokka, Gerald L.; Smith, John F., 1962-; Dunham, James R.; Van Anne, Travis (Kansas State University, )
  • Almuhanna, Emad Ali (Kansas State University, 2007-04-25)
    This research was conducted to investigate the potential of charged-water spray in controlling dust in livestock buildings. Specific objectives were to: (1) develop a method to measure the electrostatic charge of airborne ...
  • N'Guessan, Yapo Genevier (Kansas State University, 2007-09-10)
    The production of corn-based ethanol in the U.S. has increased from 1,630 million gallons in 2000 to 4,855 million gallons in 2006, representing a 198% growth over the period considered. This growth is favored by the ...
  • Dobson, A. D. M.; Kroschel, J.; Natarajan, Bala; Orlandini, S.; Tonnang, H. E. Z.; Valdivia, C.; Garrett, Karen A. (2012-05-23)
    If climate change scenarios include higher variance in weather variables, this can have important effects on pest and disease risk beyond changes in mean weather conditions. We developed a theoretical model of yield loss ...
  • Holman, Johnathon; Min, Doohong; Klocke, Norman; Kisekka, Isaya; Currie, Randall
    Most hay producers in southwest Kansas irrigate their alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) because precipitation is insufficient for profitable rainfed production. However, water supplies in the central Great Plains are dwindling, ...
  • Caley, Homer K., 1922- (Kansas State University, )
  • Call, Edward P.; Dunham, James R. (Kansas State University, )
  • Symns, Andrew B.
    Introduction: The subject of fruit-culture in Kansas is an up to date question, and should be given due thought and careful consideration by every industrious and wide awake farmer. Not many years ago, it was considered ...
  • Thompson, Carl
    Introduction: The subject of, caring for the hogs, is perhaps one of the most important questions that confronts the farmer today. And yet the average farmer gives it but little thought. It has long been known that hog ...
  • Davis, Mark A. (Kansas State University, )
    In the manufacturing process one decision that is common to all industries is the sourcing of intermediate goods used in production. The decision to make internally verses to outsource can affect a firm's comparative ...
  • Unknown author (Kansas State University, 2009-01-16)
  • Sheshukov, Aleksey Y.; Douglas-Mankin, Kyle R.; Sinnathamby, Sumathy; Daggupati, Prasad
    Many conservation programs have been established to motivate producers to adopt best management practices (BMP) to minimize pasture runoff and nutrient loads, but a process is needed to assess BMP effectiveness to help ...
  • Aumann, Albert Clay
    Introduction: We need only to take a short drive through the country to see our present system of making barn yards. Everywhere the tendency is to crowd everything into as small a space as possible, too often using the ...
  • Stokka, Gerald L.; Falkner, Thomas R. (Kansas State University, )
  • Gore, Clyde Jamison
    Introduction: In the following it will be the object to show the cost of raising, training, and placing on the market, the carriage and coach horse, the draft horse, and the mule. The prices of horses and mules on the ...
  • Phillbrook, Rufus M.
    Introduction: The cause and prevention of disease among domesticated animals is a subject that every man, who keeps and handles stock, should study and have well in hand that he may make the most out of it. Owing to the ...
  • Mullen, Roger B.
    Introduction: The Galloway cattle are a hardy hornless breed of beef cattle which take their names from the province of Galloway, which now comprises the stewarty of Kirk and Bright and the shire of Wigton but formerly ...

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